Robert Pattinson: No One Even Rings Me Up

c_160_110_16777215_00_images_robert-pattinson.jpgAlthough he’s one of the most famous people on the planet, Robert Pattinson is also one of the loneliest. Because of his hectic career, which sees him stuck in a hotel room for the better part of the year, the Twilight star says he often has to call people and ask them to let him hang out with them.


“I was thinking the other day that no one ever rings me up or anything,” Rob recently said. “No one ever asks me to do anything. When I'm not working, I'm one of those people who calls up their entire phone book to say, 'Hey, what are you doing? Are you doing anything tonight? Can I go with you?' I just hang there (in my hotel room) and get drunk. It's terrible.”


It’s actually more like sad rather than terrible – to not be able to go out without an army of bodyguards around you to protect you from hundreds of people who would give anything just to touch you and yet to be so lonely. (Photo via Why Fame)


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